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Taiwanese cabbage


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The cabbage variety distributed by Organzo belongs to the group of cabbages that are smooth, round and white.

We have opted for a variety of cabbage with a very mild, sweet, fresh and juicy taste that the Taiwanese use to flavour several of their dishes. The texture of the leaves is both crisp and soft, and it cooks relatively quickly.

It has a compact and flattened head around which the leaves are tightly wrapped. Its leaves are an attractive green, broad and slightly thick with no petioles.

Despite being made up of 90% water, the cabbage is an excellent source of minerals and vitamins. It is very rich in sulphur, iron, antioxidants and fibre. The cabbage is low in calories and fat.

Organzo: a strategic and authentic partnership between truck farmers and our agronomic services department, from seed to harvest.

We constantly suggest new varieties to improve product qualityand options for seeds that are less prone to ravagers, diseases and physiological disorders.

We walk through the producers’ fields every week looking at and inspecting the slightest defaults in plants, in order to delay any outbreak of ravagers and/or diseases by applying good agricultural practices, and when needed, by rationally using registered pesticides.

Selection and preservation

You should be looking for a cabbage with a flat head of 8-9 inch diameter that is evenly sturdy and heavy, and its colour should a medium green with no signs of limpness or wilting, nor cracks, bruises or marks.

Conserve the cabbage in a plastic bag in the vegetable compartment of your fridge; it will keep its vitamin C content for about a week.

The cabbage does not freeze well as it becomes limp, soft, and oxidises.

Nevertheless, freezing is an interesting option for making cabbage rolls: if you put the cabbage in a freezer bag prior to freezing it, the cabbage leaves seperate very easily after defrosting.

Lacto-fermented cabbage (sauerkraut) can be kept for long periods of time. The cabbage is chopped up and marinated with salt in a container.

Cooking instructions

Rinse the cabbage, chop it by holding the core and then add the leaves to your recipe.

The flavour of the flat cabbage is highly valued in slow-cooked meals, coleslaw and in sauerkraut.

It can be eaten raw, in a salad or a sandwich, steamed, in soup, as a cabbage roll, stewed, marinated (brined/sauerkraut), sauteed with other vegetables and more …


When making a low-fat terrine, place the blanched cabbage leaves in the base of the terrine (pork, poultry, rabbit…). The dish becomes lighter and the slight vegetable taste harmonises nicely with the terrine.

Did you know :

  • Jacques Cartier introduced the cabbage to the Americas in 1541-1542.