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Agronomic Services

The realities of agriculture today such as globalisation of the markets, rising cost of production, rising healthcare standards, detrimental diseases and insects as well as respect of environmental standards can be obstacles to the profitabilty of farming companies.

A consultant service is a tool for overcoming these difficulties.

In addition to being a producer and distributor of Asian fruit and vegetables, Organzo has an agronomic services center that offers various solutions to all fruit and vegetable farmers (whatever they grow).

The production coaching service (greenhouse and field) and the support service for the installation of healthcare programs (CANADA GAP and GLOBAL GAP) are our two most memorable services for our clients. We also offer profitability analysis, assistance completing research projects, technology transfer and expert legal drafting.

The agronomic services center has a dynamic team capable of suggesting proven and innovative solutions to suit your company.

The team members all have stong academic backgrounds (biology and agriculture) and practical experience:

– Julie Nichols, agronomist, 19 years experience,

– Nancy Palardy, technologist, 18 years experience,

– Claire Grall, professional license in plant production (France), 8 years experience,

– Gabriel Alejandro Munoz, agricultural engineer (Argentina), 12 years experience,

– Charles-Étienne Ferland, B.A. in Environment and Biology, 2 years experience.

Julie Nichols

Nancy Palardy
Claire Grall