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Home Page Fresh Cranberries: A fresh fruit ready to cook

Fresh Cranberries: A fresh fruit ready to cook


Fresh Cranberries

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This small berry has a deep red color, it’s firm, slightly acid, and is thought to provide a few health benefits. Research has revealed that these benefits are due to the flavonoid (antioxidant) and phytonutrient content of the berry. You will find below some of the beneficial effects of this small berry:

  • it helps maintain a good oral health;
  • it helps prevent gastrointestinal diseases;
  • it helps prevent urinary tract infections;
  • it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases;
  • it protects against brain-cells damage associated with stroke and against Alzheimer, and;
  • it inhibits cancer-causing agents for some cancers.

What you should know:

People taking anticoagulant medication (like Coumadin) should avoid cranberry, as it could increase the anticoagulant effects of the medication.

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We are constantly looking for new varieties to improve the quality of our products, and we always choose seeds that can resist the attacks of pests, diseases and physiological disorders.

We walk through the fields of producers every week, looking around and observing the slightest weakness in the plantation, in order the prevent pests and diseases by adopting good farming practice, and, if ever needed, by using the appropriate registered pesticides.

Selection and preservation

Unlike usual practice of harvesting cranberry in flooded fields, we prefer to collect our cranberry crop with the dry method of harvesting, when the berry is red and firm so that it will preserve better when fresh.

Choose cranberries that are very red, firm and shining since the lack of shining and some withering indicate that the berry is not fresh.

In the refrigerator, for best conservation, make sure that there is enough room around the package you used to wrap your berries to provide good air circulation.

Did you know that a very fresh cranberry will bounce because it contains small air pockets inside?

Cooking instructions

Just clean the fresh cranberry with water, and wipe it on a napkin or a kitchen towel.

Fresh cranberry is a very versatile berry that can be used with tomatoes or replace it in many recipes:

  • in a delicate pizza sauce with confit of duck, goat cheese and almonds with arugula, or;
  • in homemade ketchup (just add a little more sugar)

Fresh cranberry is ideal for the preparation of desserts.