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Chinese Napa


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There are two principal types of Napa cabbage. Our Chinese Napa cabbage is the Chee-Foo (or Wong-Bok) variety, the heart produces a head in the form of a barrel which is normally short and wide. There is no stem and the embossed leaves are pale green with large white stalks. The delicate and sweet flavour sometimes resembles that of a turnip or a round cabbage.

It is very low in calories, very rich in micronutrients and contains calcium that is easy for the body to digest.  This cruciferous vegetable contains several vitamins and minerals as well as active compounds which have renowned health benefits.

It is easy to digest and causes no bloating. The only inconvenience, as with most cabbages, is that people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome are highly recommended to avoid eating it.

Organzo: a strategic and authentic partnership between truck farmers and our agronomic services department, from seed to harvest.

We constantly suggest new varieties to improve product qualityand options for seeds that are less prone to ravagers, diseases and physiological disorders.

We walk through the producers’ fields every week looking at and inspecting the slightest defaults in plants, in order to delay any outbreak of ravagers and/or diseases by applying good agricultural practices, and when needed, by rationally using registered pesticides.

Selection and preservation

We should choose a cabbage with a decent-sized heart that is heavy, and dense, with crunchy leaves that have no marks. Its veins should be white.

Fridge: two weeks, in a perforated plastic bag, but ideally it should be consumed as quickly as possible to make the most of its vitamins.

Freezer: blanch it for two or three minutes and cool it in icy water. Freeze it on a metal baking sheet before transferring into a freezer bag.

Cooking instructions

The neutral flavour of this cabbage allows us to pair it with almost anything: dip, salad, rolls, tortillas, tacos, soup, lasagne, stirfry, quiche, gratin, cooked in a foil wrapper, omelette, kimchi, but also in your fondues.

As a crudité, you should allow 100g of Chinese cabbage per person and about 350g when cooking. One Napa cabbage is sufficient for four people when used as a side dish for poultry, for example.

It is popular in vegetarian cooking and in stirfries. Cooking time of 10 minutes is sufficient (the taste is better when it is al denté).